Our Vision

Our Visionary Leader's main mission is to provide the marketplace with Professional Service that carry and demonstrate the Spirit of excellence where people serving people is Top Priority. We believe that providing extreme value and excellent customer service can be lacking in the Real Estate Industry. We want to bridge that Gap and deliver on our services at the highest level.

Our Story

Our journey in Real Estate begin in 2013. We started with single family residents. Since then in 2018 we have moved our attention to multi-family residents. We enjoy finding inventory for buyers and sellers that fits everyone's need. This model allows everyone involved to WIN!


Adrian C. Henry

Executive Director

I have been intrigued with the Idea of being an entrepreneur from the age of 19. As a young college football player I was introduced to the world of Entrepreneurship with the goal of becoming a multi-millionaire and owning my own business. I enrolled in a few independent distributing companies and built a small team within my organization. I have been involved in helping develop a Tax firm where I was considered a founding member and part of the leaders of the company that has now contracted out over 75 tax preparers since 2011.  I have always had the desire of being financially independent, helping others along the way, teaching people about finances and how money can work for them.  Being an educator, teacher, leader, motivational speaker, and mentor is my passion. Whether it be athletically, financially, spiritually, or life in general, I love being successful and helping others achieve their goals.